NLIPP’s education interventions aim to break the cycle of disempowerment and poverty within Maasai society by providing children, with education access and support. We believe that when children are educated, they are better able to diminish negative and harmful practices towards women within Maasai society - such as female genital mutilation, early and forced marriage and gender based violence - and seek to retain and promote the positive aspects of their culture.

Furthermore, providing girls with secondary and tertiary education breaks negative cycles as educated women later return to aid and develop their communities as qualified professionals.

Our Approach

  • Student sponsorship
  • Girls' mentorship forum
  • Construction of schools to and ensuring a safe learning environment for learners
  • Strengthening of school governance structure like capacity building of the school management committees
  • Rights clubs and student leadership
  • Education advocacy and community outreach
  • Advocacy for enrollment, retention and transition of learners in school
  • Promotion of inclusive education with emphasis on children with special needs and re-enrollment of children who previously dropped out of school
  • Capacity building of the duty bearers like the chiefs to operationalize the legal framework that promotes the welfare of children
  • Adult literacy through the community ICT hub

NLIPP is a community based organization founded with a premise of community togetherness in advocating for the fundamental rights of the most marginalized and underserved members of the society who are mostly women and girls.


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