Our Team

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Eve Merin

Executive Director

Eve has the zeal in empowering women. She has led Nareto Latia and other indigenous women caucuses to ensure that women, youth and children are freed from the deep rooted harmful retrogressive practices. She takes interest in development of programs that are sustainable and impactful.


Isaac Tobiko

Programs and Partnerships Lead

Tobiko has been working on Indigenous people’s rights advocacy for the last 8 years, advocating for the rights of indigenous pastoralist communities. He believes that women inclusion in all spheres of society is a sure way of community development.

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Rachael Nadupoy

Administration and Operations Officer

Rachael provides administrative support in all the activities undertaken by the organization to keep the organization running smoothly. She also coordinates Human Resource activities and duties.


Joan Amake

Programs Officer – Gender and Livelihoods

Joan’s passion is working closely with women to ensure that they are empowered to realize their full potential as individuals and in groups. Helping the community women to thrive, guaranteeing the realization of positive social change in their livelihoods.

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Millicent Francis

Monitoring and Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL- Officer)

Millicent coordinates M&E activities where she ensures that the organizational activities achieve social accountability. She is very passionate on using project learnings to improve the organizations programs strategy.


Hellen Siama

Building Youth Resilience and Belonging Programs Officer

Hellen is an enthusiastic young feminist with vast experience working with young people. She believes young people potential is unmatched in community development.

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Stephen Saibulu

Finance and Accounting

Steve is a finance professional with vast experience in accounting. His experience includes financial and donor reporting, projects budgeting, budget monitoring and implementation. He is also experienced in planning, implementing and evaluating internal controls and strategies including policies and operating procedures to address organization’s accounting and strategic management needs.


Jane Timpiyian

Health and Climate Change Programs Officer

Jane is a nursing officer who is in charge of the sexual reproductive health rights initiatives.She also helps the community in building climate change resilience.

NLIPP is a community based organization founded with a premise of community togetherness in advocating for the fundamental rights of the most marginalized and underserved members of the society who are mostly women and girls.


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